La guerra es un tipo de necesidad


At least three of the four anchors for world peace have fallen into chaos. All 4 anchors are in chaos under a slightly stricter standard. War, the last political means, is already on the table for the world’s top powers. Picking up the military tool has become tempting to more and more national leaders to deal with their issues.

The United States, China, Europe, and the Arab world can be identified as the four main anchors of world peace. Regardless of the actual strength and historical trajectory, these four poles have a great influence on world peace and stability. Their stability or chaos will overflow their own geographical boundaries and then radiate outward.

United States: Since the Subprime mortgage crisis in 2007, political stability has not been restored in the USA. The U.S. government has been doing its best to steer this super big ship. For the past 15 years, its basic course has been fairly correct. However, the stabilizer of this supper ship is becoming weaker and weaker due to the following three major factors. Driven by the habit of war dividends, the USA will continue to promote the intensity and scope of wars.

Europe: Originally, Europe has been a major political stabilizer in recent decades. But since the “2022 war” (I mean the war started on February 24,2022 in Ukraine. I will call it the “2022 war” from today, because it is not a war for Russia and Ukraine only), Europe has fallen into instability. I will predict that Europe will continue to experience instability for at least the next fifty years. The colonized attributes(link to) over Europe will become heavier and more obvious. The ability to avoid war is getting weaker and weaker.

China: Originally, China is a typical example of world development and world peace. But it is clear that since Trump pushed the US-first policy in 2018, the Chinese economy has entered an unstable cycle. Inward investment in infrastructure construction, investment in military industry, and outward expansion of the economic market have become China’s main work directions. Using military force to stop the U.S. economic blockade has increasingly become a “correct choice.” For this option, the Chinese have more and more confidence.

The Arab world: The Arab world recently can be counted as a stable pole under slightly strict standards. But the fact is that Iraq, Libya, Syria, Iran, Afghanistan, Yemen, and Sudan are not politically stable countries. It is very easy to drive the Arab world into chaos or war. The Arab world had expected the Soviet Union to intervene in Middle East affairs since the day Israel was founded. Now they broadly expect China to intervene in Arab affairs to balance American power. Very similar to Africa, the major public opinion in the Arab world has the urge to overthrow the American system.

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War, Peace, Stabilizer

New Concepts

 Four main anchors of world peace.

They are the USA, China, Europe, and the Arab World.

2022 War.

Author names the “2022 War” as which started on Feb. 24, 2022 in Ukraine, because the war actually is not for Russia and Ukraine only. 

War is the main tool for the USA to manage the world and benefit itself.

The colonized Europe is weak to avoid war, and will be weaker and weaker.

China will be closer and prefer military tools. Chinese have the capability to stop, to defeat American in a long-term war.

Major public opinion in the Arab World and Africa is to turnover the American System.

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